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Create easily a gallery of videos for your site with youtube and flv videos. Extremely quickly to use, add the url of your videos and that’s it all.

With the latest update we’ve added image videos, subtitles and support for mobile devices, such as Android or Apple. From a mobile device, the plugin loads a gallery in jquery that loads youtube videos through the device application. Remember that not all YouTube videos are prepared for mobile devices.

Thumbnails are created automatically or you can use images. You can add multiple galleries in the same wp.

You configure the plugin as a function of your needs. You can add titles on the videos, descriptions, choose your sizes, number of thumbnails, video size in proportion to the module, the size of the thumbnails in proportion to the plugin, and a lot of things more.

You can use the plugin as a widget too.


You can also download the professional version of the plugin. This version has more options for design and visualization. Download now:DOWNLOAD ULTIMATE VIDEO GALLERY PRO


  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Configure and create new video gallery in your WordPress Admin: Ultimate Video
  • Place [ultimate ID /] in your Posts, where ID is the gallery ID number.
  • Admin params:- Video URL. Write the url of your videos. You can write the url of the flv videos, the url of the videos on youtube or the ID of the videos from youtube.


From the “Settings” menu of your wordpress administration can go to the ultimate video management. Once inside you can create the galleries you want and within each create a list of videos.

The main parameters are:

  • Video URL. Write the url of your videos. You can write the url of the flv videos or the url of the videos on youtube(sample: ).
  • Video Titles. Write the titles of your videos.
  • Gallery Width. Number indicating the width of the gallery. You can use a number in pixels or percentage. For example: 100% or 400px.
  • Gallery Height. Number indicating the height of the gallery. You must use a number with px. For example 400px.