Morpheus plugin
3D Responsive slider
You can animate text and images with links to create menus, presentations, ...
Insert into your scenes images, texts and videos from youtube.
3D effects and multiple easing functions
Compatible and responsive
Customizable colors and sizes
Fast and very easy to use
Best slider

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The MORPHEUS responsive 3D slider is a new plugin for wordpress with which to create sliders, galleries, presentations, infographics and anything you can imagine. Compatible with all major browsers and devices and fully responsive. This plugin is optimized to load content sequentially and significantly cut the charging time.
With Morpheus slider you can create sliders with several scenes where you can insert images, text and videos of youtube. You can animate all this content through visual management. Includes 3D animations using CSS and jQuery, so you can impress your visitors.


  • Once you have installed and activated the plugin, go to Settings-> Morpheus responsive slider.
  • Once inside the plugin administration can create your first slider.
  • Once you’ve created the slider can edit and choose the configuration you want.
  • You can change the sizes and proportions, colors, borders, shadows, thumbnails, navigation and more things.
  • Once you have chosen the settings and you can create your first scene. The scenes can be simple images or text, or complex animations with 3D effects. When creating a scene, you have to edit.



Within the editing of the scene there are 2 parts, the items of the scene and the scene settings.

  • In the items of the scene you can insert images, text and videos of youtube in the scene. You can place them and encourage them as you want.
  • When you insert an item, you will see that this appears in 3 places. These are the different positions will have the item in the scene.
  • Position of entry, middle and exit position. You can change the features and design of each of these points.
  • In the scene settings you can choose a background image, an image thumbnail, redesign the edges, change the duration of the scene, animation and effects, shadow and more options.
  • If you do not change the configuration of the scene, it will use the values of the slider.

[button_yellow_modern iconlink=”” url=””]DOWNLOAD NOVA 3D PLUGIN[/button_yellow_modern]

Download morpheus improved version. Includes music from youtube. With the plugin NOVA can drop the thumbnails above the slider, the slider left or gallery mode. It also incorporates 2 new animations between scenes. You can pick 2 shades for thumbnails and slider.