Cylinder 3d image gallery for WordPress

Sample: [cylinder3d_gallery 1 /] Wordpress plugin and widget that you can use as a gallery of images, menus, slider or whatever. Loading images from a specified folder and allows you put them links and titles. Sets the size of the plugin, the rows and columns of images and the position of the cylinder to obtain a spectacular and impressive.

Download free test plugin Cylinder3D


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Use it in all your webs, unlimited license.
Admin Params:
    Images folder. Width: Plugin width. Height: Plugin height. Rows: Number of images in each column. Columns: Number of columns of images. Zoom: Size of the cylinder. Radio: Radio cylinder. X: x position of the cylinder. Y: Position and cylinder. Images links: Links of the images, one link per line. Image Title: Titles of images, one title per line.